Hunting Accessories

Polaris Ranger Hunting Accessories

We already know you are a master hunter but is your Polaris Ranger? Here are some awesome upgrades to help turn your Ranger into the ultimate hunting machine. If you are interested in outfitting your Ranger, you can purchase online or call our Parts and Accessories Manager, Mike Owen, at 281.806.7333.

Gun Mounts

Keep your gun close to your fingertips locked and loaded inside the cabin or keep it in a boot out of the way.

Product Info: Rifles or shotguns with scopes fit beautifully in this high-impact scabbard with interior padding. The shell is dust proof and water-resistant, and it accommodates almost all rifles and shotguns with larger scopes. A mount is required and sold separately to attach your gun boot to your vehicle. Mount are available for RANGERs, RZRs, GENERAL, Sportsmans and ACE. $59.99 Buy Now

Always have instant gun access in the field with this innovative In-Cab Gun Mount. The adjustable, rattle-free mount (adjusts up to 45° forward) attaches securely to the floor and features a robust, molded gun butt holder at base and quick-release barrel straps. The mount can be easily removed and will even accommodate scope-equipped rifles and other utv hunting accessories. $149.99 Buy Now


Whether you need a cooler for meat or drinks, we’ve got the solution. KEEP IT ICE COLD! Holds Ice 30+ Hours Long Than Yeti®. Our Polaris Northstar® coolers survive just about anything - from extreme heat to a full-on bear attack – it’s IGBC Certified Bear-Resistant. Ice will stay cold for hours on end, and anything inside will stay locked up tight. Available in 105 ($379.99), 60 ($299.99) and 30 ($279.99) Quart sizes. AND, Martin Powersports has put these to the test and they WORK! Buy Now

Field Cover

Now You See It. Now You Don’t. Stealth is the name of the game when in pursuit of your prey. Now you can ensure your RANGER® is out of sight while in the field with our new Camo Field Cover. With top to bottom coverage, your RANGER® will blend into the environment so as to not disrupt wild game patterns. What’s more, the lightweight and easy to transport cover is the ideal solution to keep rain, dirt and dust off your vehicle when at home. Not intended for open towing protection. $119.99 Buy Now

Dog Kennel

Kennel Up and Bring Your Best Friend. Swing open the high tension spring door in either direction and get ready to explore the great outdoors with your tail-wagging best friend. Our new Lock & Ride® Dog Kennel was developed in partnership with Dakota 283 and is designed with rugged construction. Whether you’re hitting the prairies for upland game or the backwaters for waterfowl, your companion will ride along in safety and comfort. The one-piece construction is easy to clean; is the perfect size for medium and large breed hunting dogs; features a recessed bedding area that’s safe for paws; and has an integrated top handle for easy mobility. The kennel is also ready to accept an accessory Lock & Ride® mount (2882187) for a more secure hold and easier mobility. Dimensions allow for two kennels to be fitted side by side in the rear cargo bed of a Full Size RANGER®. $249.99 Buy Now

Gear Vault

Keep Your Gear Safe, Secure, and Out of SightMore than just a plastic storage box, the Gear Vault designed in partnership with Dakota 283, is the ultimate “safe-spot” for your guns, ammo, tackle boxes, tools, fishing gear and much more. The locking drawer slides out easily to reveal a storage area complete with two adjustable dividers allowing you to configure your storage space to match your gear. The roto-molded construction is tough as nails and is water resistant so your gear stays safe and protected from the elements. The versatile storage system secures to the bed through integrated recessed tie-down locations and incorporates top molded mounts for additional accessories, including Lock & Ride® Kennels, Polaris® Northstar™ Coolers, or simple gear such as 5-gallon buckets. Use it in your RANGER®, pickup, SUV, or even at home. $649.99.Buy Now


This Pro Shield Vented Door delivers a comfortable cab environment and maximum visibility thanks to a minimal frame design and clear polycarbonate outer shell. The RANGER® door’s visibility is so complete, it’s like riding with no doors at all. It is the perfect solution for agricultural applications, work-sites, or tight maneuvers on the job site or on the trail. The premium Polaris Pursuit camo pattern offers extensive camo coverage. Bolstered by a rugged steel frame, the utv door perfectly fits the contour of the ROPs cage to create a fully sealed cab environment. The tough clear poly shell extends from the bottom of the door until it meets the upper-hinged glass window, giving you nearly uninterrupted visibility and maximum ambient lighting inside the cab. The upper glass is nearly impervious to scratching and features a window that can hinge open at either the front or rear for optimum ventilation. $2,199.99 Buy Now

Need a more affordable option? Check out the Canvas Door collection. $1,199.99 Buy Now

Front Hood Storage Rack

Dramatically increase your load carry capabilities and enhance the style and toughness of your RANGER. The durable steel rack allows you to carry cargo and gear across the hood, while providing additional front of vehicle protection from brush and debris. The rack features integrated side rails and easily pivots to gain under hood access. $349.99 Buy Now

Remote Operated Swivel Light

Light up the night no matter what direction you choose, all with the click of a button. Whether you simply need a bright beam of light to complete a job, set up camp or find your way to your early morning hunting grounds, this roof mounted high intensity light is up to the task. Weatherproof design incorporates a high intensity beam that can project up to 2933-feet (894-meters) in a base that can rotate 360-degrees. A wireless remote gives you complete control from up to 100-feet away. $399.99 Buy Now


Going on a camp hunt but want your creature comforts? Bring along a generator. The Polaris P3000i is extremely robust and able to tackle almost any job. With a maximum AC output of 3000 watts, it has enough power for any outdoor activity and offers a 30 amp outlet for higher output needs, such as a standby power source during a storm outage. It also features convenient electric start for minimal effort and offers a run time of over 21 hours at 25% load. Its locking wheels and rugged handles make transportation simple. $1,599.99 Buy Now


Taking your Ranger on a mountain hunt? Keep your Texas self warm with a heater. The ultimate upgrade to a complete cab kit for your side-by-side, the Heater & Defrost Kit allows you to control the climate inside the cab with heat and fan controls. Stay warm on a cold winter’s day, allowing you to ride longer and get more done. Plus, windshield directed ducts keep the windshield clear from icing. Convenient dash mounted controls with 3-speed fan control. Perfect for fall hunts, plowing snow or simply extending your riding season. $799.99 Buy Now